Head office: Maydena Station 3 Mayne street, Maydena. Tasmania. 7140

Australia’s First Pedal Railway

Rail re-use

Railway re-use


Our Rail Stations: Maydena and National Park

The Railtrack Rider is the only tourism product of its type currently operating in Australia. This unique selling point is further enhanced by the setting in which the product operates.

Railtrack Riders provides visitors with exclusive access into a tract of the southern Tasmanian rainforest via an historic rail line,that provides access to industrial relics of this time, now all but reclaimed by the forest. Being pedal-powered, the Railtrack Riders allows visitors to travel at their own pace and fully experience the sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest.

Our Products

Ride 1. Maydena to Florentine section. (2.4Km + return = total trip 4.8Km) time = about 60minutes. From Monday the 5th of Feb 2018 Ride 1 will be closed due to Pine Forest Harvesting for around 6 weeks stay tuned for updates.

Ride 2. Maydena to Pig and Whistle section. (4Km + return = total trip 8Km) = time 70 minute

Ride 3. National Park to Newbury road (3.5 Km + return= total trip 7 Km) time = 50 minutes

Ride 4. National Park to Sharpe’s road section. (6 Km +return = total trip 12 Km) time = around 70 minutes

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  • Our Timetable 2018:
  • At National Park Rail Station 11 Lake Dobson Road.
    Rides depart Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, and 2.30pm.
  • If you require other days please make a booking.
  • At Maydena Rail Station 3 Mayne Street.
    Rides depart Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm.
  • if you require other days please make a booking.
  • (Some weather conditions may cancel departure times)
  • We have limited staff and its better to book you seats 24hours prior to your ride.
  • Please text your booking to mobile; 0427 206 864.
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A Community tourism project by Maydena Community Association Inc.