Head office: Maydena Station 3 Mayne street, Maydena. Tasmania. 7140

Community Vision

cropped-IMG_0106.jpgRailtrack Riders Pty Ltd is part of Maydena’s community’s aim to create a sustainable future through economic growth, employment opportunities and the development of tourism product that capitalises on the region’s natural and cultural values. Until 1991, Maydena was a ‘company town’ established by Australian Newsprint Mills (ANM), and relied on ANM to support direct and indirect employment.

Local residents established the Maydena Community Association in 1991 after ANM closed its operations. The Association has since been pro-active in setting goals and strategies to achieve social and economic independence for the town.

Railtrack Riders was born from an initiative of the Maydena Community Association Inc. with a desire to develop a tourist enterprise that gives visitors an insight into Tasmanian forestry / rail heritage and values associated with the adjoining areas like the World Heritage ‘Southwest Wilderness’ and Mt Field National Park (the Worlds third oldest National Park).

The Company opened for business in Dec 2009 by volunteers, and now it has become more viable able to offer employment opportunities to the local community.

The first prototype Railtrack Rider was designed and constructed through the resourcefulness of community members and local business.

The riders have a seating capacity that accommodates a family or a couple travelling independently along the railway in convoy formation.

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A Community tourism project by Maydena Community Association Inc.