The Experience

Located in southern Tasmania, just over an hour west of Hobart, the Railtrack Riders provide visitors with exclusive access into a tract of Tasmanian rainforest via a historic rail line. These unique tours are further enhanced by the beautiful setting in which they operate.

Railtrack Riders is the only tourism product of its kind, currently operating in Australia.

We operate our tours from Maydena, 15 15-minute drive from National Park.

Being pedal-powered, the Riders allow visitors to travel at their own pace and fully experience the sights, sounds and smells of their surroundings. If you would like to take it easy, you can also get a helping push from the tour guide on a motorised Rail Quad bike.

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Railtrack Riders

The Riders

We have three styles of Riders (2, 3 and 4 seaters) to suit a range of bookings. On all Riders, only the front 2 seats have pedals and brakes. Either or both of the 2 front passengers can pedal.

Railtrack Riders 2 seater rider
2 seater

The 2 seater has 2 seats with pedals and brakes

Railtrack Riders 3 seater rider
3 seater

The 3 seater has 2 seats up front, both with pedals and brakes and a small seat suitable for children under 40kg

Railtrack Riders 4 seater rider
4 seater

The 4 seater has 2 seats up front, both with pedals and brakes and 2 small seats suitable for children under 40kg

Railtrack Riders Rail quad
Our staff supervise the tour on a “Rail Quad Bike”
Ideal for those who prefer a push.

A Community Inititative

Railtrack Riders was born from an initiative of the Maydena Community Association with a desire to develop a tourist enterprise that gives visitors an insight into Tasmanian forestry, rail heritage and values associated with the adjoining Wilderness World Heritage areas; Mt Field National Park and Southwest National Park. Railtrack Riders also provides locals with employment opportunities, skills development and work experience.

Until 1991, Maydena was a ‘company town’ established by Australian Newsprint Mills (ANM), and relied on ANM to support direct and indirect employment. Residents established the Maydena Community Association in 1991 after ANM closed its forestry operations. The association has since been proactive in setting goals and strategies to achieve social and economic independence for the town.

The prototype Railtrack rider was designed and constructed through the resourcefulness of community members and local businesses. In December 2009 the Company was officially opened and continues to be run by volunteers.

Geoff Williams: The creator of Railtrack Riders
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